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      Mac Ride grows with your child. The design is highly adjustable. The stirrups lengthen and pivot to support your young riders feet while keeping them out of the spokes. The foot straps have 4 sizes to make sure that riding is always comfy. Mac Ride is long lasting, built to carry your child from 2-5 years old. Read below to determine whether your family is ready for Mac Ride. 

      On this page

      1. Is the mature rider ready?
      2. Is the child rider ready?
      3. Recommended age & size
      4. Mac's story



      Adult riders must be all of the following:

      1. Full of common sense
      2. Experienced cyclists
      3. Average height or taller
      4. Able to communicate clearly with your child
      5. Able to read, understand, and agree to the Mac Ride disclaimer


      Child Mac Riders are recommended to be 2 years old and must have all of the following:

      1. Strength in their neck to easily hold up and control their head with a helmet on
      2. Ability to hold the handlebars securely
      3. Concentration to listen and adhere to safety information

      Communication is super important to ensure a safe ride together. Can your child understand and adhere to the following instructions?

      1. Hold the handlebars, without steering the bike
      2. Do not touch the gears or brakes
      3. Do not let anything dangle or drop (front wheel must be clear)
      4. Tell me if there is a problem (for example: are you tired, hot or cold)
      5. We are a team, working together for a safe, fun ride!


      Mac Ride is designed for children aged 2 to 5. Our recommended weight maximum for your child is 60lbs. Choosing the right age to start your youngster on Mac Ride is family dependent. There are many 18-20 month olds strong enough and ready for Mac Ride - they love having their helmet on, they are strong climbers, good listeners and really keen to ride with mom and dad. Just make sure your family has the abilities and strong communication skills listed above.

      My child is 2 but small for their age, can I still use Mac ride?

      The most important indicators for determining if your child is ready for Mac Ride are listed above (strength, listening skills, teamwork etc). If you are still interested in examining fit with leg length etc, here are some Mac Ride dimensions:

      • When the saddle is adjusted forward (for small children), the distance down to the footrests when the stirrups are in their shortest position is 23cm.
      • When the saddle is adjusted backward (for larger children), the distance down to the footrests when they are in their longest position is 32cm.

      The stirrups also pivot front and back which impacts on the distances, so these dimensions are a guide.

      My child is 5 but big for their age, can I continue to use Mac Ride?

      We ask parents to consider how they feel with their child on board. If you are relatively short, and your child is tall, you might find your child's helmet obstructs your view. Or perhaps your pedal stroke won't be natural for you if their legs long. Alternatively, if you are tall, and your child is small for their age, perhaps you'll be able to use Mac Ride for longer. You need to feel comfortable and safe while riding, and while getting on and off your bike with your child on board. One key determination: can you set up Mac Ride so that your child is comfortable, and you can continue to safely turn your handlebars with complete clearance from your child's feet? If not, and you have done all the adjustments possible to pivot the stirrups backward etc, they are probably too big.



      He started on the earliest prototype, moved through to the Kickstarter prototype, and then, was on Mac Ride proper until 2018!