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      Customer Reviews

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      Works perfect on the EMTB and the kid loves it!

      Black - Mac Ride Child Bike Seat

      Great service. We had troubles with delivery due Brexit. The service was very helpful in solving the problem. The product is great

      Best purchase I could make

      I know it sounds cringy but this is the best purchase i could make to combine my love of riding a bike with spending quality time with my 2.5 year old.
      Coming from a more traditional front mounted seat, the transition was seamless for the little dude, and he enjoys not being strapped in a chair, and being able to move around and lean with me in corners.
      We started to go on adventures with him on the seat, and with his ballance bike strapped on my backpack; and whenever he wants to go by himself he is able to hop off and ride along me until he feels tired.
      Installation is easy , and removing it is also easy - both being big pluses for the seat in my opinion; tolerances are tight, and the overall feel of the seat is that of a superior quality product.
      A small comment - and this is a personal opinion:
      I would really wish that they would make a distribution center in an EU country, now that the UK left, and i mention this because dealing with customs and imports can be quite a hassle and many people might be deterred to buy it because of this.


      L'unico seggiolino in commercio che può essere montato su qualsiasi MTB senza nemmeno sfiorare il telaio e quindi senza rischi di rovinarlo.

      Il mio bambino di 3 anni è felicissimo e si diverte un sacco soprattutto quando affrontiamo insieme qualche piccola discesa o qualche gradinata (ovviamente non particolarmente ripida) e ora posso finalmente andare a pedalare con il figlio grande portandomi dietro anche il piccolo che lasciavamo in lacrime ogni volta che ci vedeva andare via.

      Con lui che pesa circa 19 Kili si appesantisce un po' l'anteriore rendendo più duro lo sterzo e stancando un po' le braccia ma tutto sommato la bicicletta rimane molto guidabile e il leggero disagio è più che accettabile vista la possibilità di fare provare il divertimento della MTB anche su sentieri minimamente tecnici.

      Super soddisfatto! Lo consiglio a tutti

      joyfully shining, crying child

      best seat ever ... best emotions for the child and me THANKS
      thanks also for the quick delivery